Are you a cruiser or the captain?

Photo by Katherine McCormack for Unsplash

Since finishing college, I was just cruising along in my career. I’d apply, get an interview, sign the offer, and go to work Monday through Friday. This worked well for me for years. I had pursued higher positions, earned decent money, and enjoyed the friendships I’d made along the way.

However, something changed in the past few years. I craved more. I would wake up Monday through Friday with dread. But I wanted to wake up looking forward to my day. I wanted to feel meaning and purpose. 

As a side note, meaningful work looks different for everyone. Some people want to be doctors because they love healing, some want to be teachers because they love educating. But to some, it could mean they are building a family’s new home or cleaning a hotel room so the next guests will enjoy their stay. Only you can decide what your career means to you. 

I decided it was time to own my career. Be the captain of my career-ship.

But to be honest, I hadn’t given too much thought to what my purpose even was. Funny enough, I had been resume writing and career coaching, to some degree, since college and enjoyed it, yet, hadn’t even thought to pursue it. But once I realized how much I love helping people with their careers and learned from personal experience why career management is so important, I was driven. I completed two certifications, and continue participating in professional development. I started seeking the help of coaches and mentors that could help me get to where I was aiming. Now I have the pleasure and the opportunity to help others figure out their purpose and the steps they can take to pursue it.

Being the captain of your career requires work, analyzing yourself and your goals,and is an ongoing process. But it’s worth it.

Are you a cruiser or the captain of your career-ship?


One thought on “Are you a cruiser or the captain?

  1. Hi Conny Lee! It must be a bit daunting to start your career from scratch and be accountable to yourself to stay motivated and focused on your vision. Thank you for posting about your journey.


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