How Just 1 Conversation Impacted My Life

Photo by Greg Rakozy

It hit me like a brick over the head this morning…

Actually, I’ll start from the present and work my way backwards. As some of you may know, I had been struggling with my previous career choice for awhile. I was in a technical role that caused me a great deal of stress, didn’t feel right, and made me feel inadequate.

I had been telling myself, and everyone who would listen, that my brain isn’t wired to be in a technical related role. I believed in my very core that this was the reason for all of my stress and unhappiness.

But for some reason this morning I woke up and recalled a conversation I had with my high school science teacher. I had enrolled in Human Biology because it would keep my options for post-secondary education open. But she strongly advised against it. She felt I wouldn’t succeed in this class and since I had already fulfilled my science requirements for my diploma, I should stick with courses I could pass. AHA! 

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming her for anything. Her intentions were good, she was trying to save me from what she felt would be failure. She simply made an observation, based on her professional opinion, and I chose to buy into it. Without a second thought, I switched into a different course and started telling myself that I’m not good in science. I carried that belief throughout high school, post-secondary, and for the first part of my career.

However, recalling that 1 conversation taught me 2 powerful life lessons. First, I need to question my other limiting beliefs and where they stem from. And secondly, there’s a difference between “can’t” and “won’t”. I’m not interested in science and engineering, so therefore, I won’t continue to pursue a career in it, but I’ve already proven to myself, that I can, if I want to.


One thought on “How Just 1 Conversation Impacted My Life

  1. Thank you for this thoughtful article, Conny. I appreciate your honesty and insight. There are many voices, either internally or from others that we encounter that limit us. Keep up the great work.


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