Who Are YOUR People?

I’m putting myself out there right now. This is real authentic me. 
While I chase my dreams to create the life I want, I have to find the courage to do things I’ve never done, in order to accomplish things I never have. This includes putting myself out there. And it’s scary. I read and re-read my posts a thousand times before hitting publish because I’m already afraid of judgement. I question some of my decisions because I sometimes question if I’m ready to expose the real me. But I push through that fear and do it anyway. 

Unfortunately I have found that the people closest to me are my worst critics. They ridicule, criticize, and judge me. And to be honest, it hurts. It makes me want to head straight back to my comfort zone. To continue living the life I always have and to be the person they’ve come to expect of me. 

But in those moments, I turn to the cheerleaders in my life. The ones that tell me to keep going, to keep being me and to ignore the naysayers.

If you’ve been chasing your dreams, living courageously and putting yourself out there, keep going. You got this! Find your people. They’re the ones who believe in you when no one (including yourself at times) does. 

And for the naysayers, you don’t have to believe in my dream, but you also don’t have to try to crush it either. 

A huge shout out to my people! I honestly couldn’t do this without you. 


3 thoughts on “Who Are YOUR People?

  1. Wow this is inspirational, I have been trying to do the same thing and yes the people that “know” you seem to be the ones that feel that what they think of you is the only way which you can live. Be yourself! Amazing post

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