Oh the layers…

I’ve been working on changing my limiting beliefs, especially around money. I’d have to compare this process to peeling an onion. There are many layers and sometimes many tears. 

Just as I gain some financial momentum in life, I’d find ways to sabotage it. After doing this a few times, I realized it was time to deep dive into my beliefs and start changing them. 

Starting with my childhood, I’d heard over and over that we didn’t have the money to buy things or go on trips. Then as my friends and I were preparing for post-secondary, their parents had saved for their education so they were pursuing the highest level possible, but I had to take out student loans so didn’t want to take on large debt so looked for the shortest program possible that I felt would suit me. 

Using meditation, tapping, journaling, and affirmations, I’ve been working through those layers. Then I looked at my adulthood patterns. I continued playing small feeling like I didn’t deserve a high paying job, then when I had an opportunity and was making good money, I felt I needed to quit. As my business started gaining momentum, I decided I didn’t deserve it, and it slowed right down. It’s been a work in progress to break through years of beliefs, but everyday, my relationship with money changes. And I’ll keep peeling back the layers and working through the emotions until I no longer need to.  

The lessons I’ve learned through all of this are that I may not have grown up with a lot of money, but I grew up with an abundance of love and all of my needs were met. I had food, clothes, and shelter. My family stands by me through thick and thin and I know I always have a strong support system behind me. I’ve also learned that as an adult I get to choose what I believe and buy into. 

If you’re working through something similar, please keep peeling back the layers, no matter how ugly it gets. It’ll be worth it. 


3 thoughts on “Oh the layers…

  1. You have the most valuable things life has to offer. Money isn’t everything. Your blog made me think about my dysfunctional family. Then I realized that family doesn’t have to be blood. I, like you, have those things that matter in my life. Money is just a perk. Loved your post! I also loved the picture of the onion. Nicely done!

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